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Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 Exercises For Your Write Brain

5 Exercises For Your Write Brain
by Lisa Heidrich

  As writers we are sometimes cooped up, prisoners to a keyboard and computer screen for hours… resulting in muscle stiffness, fatigue, decreased circulation and the possibility of other health issues. Prevention is easy if we keep the following in mind. Our bodies are engineered to move, crave refreshment, (washed, filled with good nutrients and water, moisturized and massaged) and require exercise (stimulate muscle growth, circulation and strength). Incorporating an EASY exercise program that fits into our writing schedule entails one decision,DO IT. Exercises for writers begin from the top down and here are a few suggestions to push you in the WRITE direction.

#1) POSTURE how is your body alignment as you sit at your favorite writing place?It is critical to insure proper body alignment and posture. Shoulders back, feet flat on the floor, knees at ninety degree angle, chest up and out. Take a deep breath in via the nose and count to 5, exhale through your mouth 5 seconds with eyes closed. Feel better? This breathing exercise expands your diaphragm, stimulates abdominal muscles, and rests your eyes. Lift your shoulders up toward your ears and hold for 10 seconds, release and repeat. Turn your head from side to side looking over each shoulder and hold for ten seconds, repeat keep stretching and rotating your neck and awakening every tense neck muscle.

#2) SMILE and hold. Did you know that exercising your facial muscles is important? Lift your eyebrows up and open your eyes WIDE and hold for 3 seconds, release and repeat. Pucker your lips as far out as you can then draw them back wide and over your teeth lifting your neck muscles, making an “OOO” and then “EEE” movement with your mouth repeat 10 times. No more wrinkles, just smile them away.

#3) LIFT your arms over your head and stretch fingers as far as you can reaching for the ceiling, hold for 5 seconds, repeat. Extend your arms out to the sides at shoulder level and make 8 big circles in a forward motion and 8 big circles in backward motion.

#4) PRESS your feet flat on the floor, push toes down becoming tippy toed, lifting up and tightening your calf muscles. Try this 10 times then reverse and raise your toes upward using your heels to draw your calves tight and hold for 7 seconds, repeat. This leg exercise is great for circulation and will help prevent blood clots from blood pooling in your legs during sedentary times. Using your thigh muscles or quads lift up one leg and hold it out straight for 6 seconds, draw circles rotating your ankle and wiggle your toes do 8-10 sets on each leg tightening your quads, gluteal muscles, and knees as you lift each leg.

#5) HYDRATION, your body needs water, keep a water bottle handy and remember to refresh yourself with a sip or two every hour as you write. The follow up to a good workout is always a cool drink.

These are exercise moves for your work station workout to improve circulation, mobility, and range of motion to implement at your own risk. Consider getting up every hour and taking a walk around the house 3 times or if you have stairs multiple jaunts will promote healthy movement, circulation, and refresh your body and mind. Plus these simple steps will improve your productivity; eliminate stiffness, and discomfort, from those long writing sessions while providing revitalization of your creative juices to flow again, back into your WRITE mind.